Meditations and Mantras for Opening your Chakras - Scott & Melanie McClure (L)

Chakras, Consciousness, Tantra, Meditation
Thursday Oct 25   09:00 PM to 10:25 PM (1 hour 25 minutes)
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Meditations and Mantras for Opening Your Chakras ~ Scott & Melanie McClure

Please join our opening presentation on how to activate your body for reaching higher states of consciousness.  We will explain how utilizing your body’s natural energy can open portals in your energetic field to access other dimensions and connect directly with the divine.  We will then walk you through some simple and easy meditations and mantras using visualization and sound to open your body’s natural energy centers to allow source energy to flow through you.  Anyone can learn to do this practice.  This practice will then open up your Crown Chakra that gives you access to out of body experiences with our Universe and other planes of existence.   

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Ecstatic Hearts
Ecstatic Hearts
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  • Christa Rena
    Emcee, Speaker's Assistant, Timekeeper, Speaker's Assistant - Dr. Raymond Keller & Janet Kira Lessin
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