Mandela Effect - Eric Dadmehr

Mandela Effect
Friday Oct 26   03:00 PM to 03:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest II

Mandela Effect

I cried when Nelson Mandela died in jail in the late 1980s. Later when he became President of South Africa, I asked people if they remembered him dying before? I knew something was seriously wrong and that I was somewhere else than I was before. My wife and father are different people. My father does remember visiting the Statue of Liberty on Ellis Island and climbing inside but I told him not in this timeline dad! Statue of Liberty is on Staten Island in New Jersey and there was a terrorist act 100 years ago which weakened the statue and people haven't gone inside in over a hundred years! There are thousands of examples different here that you might remember like Mirror mirror on the wall is now Magic Mirror on the wall in Snow White and the Monopoly Guy doesn't have a monocle, Mickey Mouse has no suspenders, there is no hyphen in Milk Duds or Kit Kat, etc.