5G "The Beast" - Eric Dadmehr

Sunday Oct 28   06:00 PM to 06:55 PM (55 minutes)
Crest III

5G "The Beast"

We are being attacked with something we can't see, very close to us, in our pockets and in our houses, and about everywhere we go! Chemtrails (what they call the class in the Air Force) contain barium, strontium, and Nano-Aluminum which acts like an antennae since the nano particles cross the blood brain barrier. If you take a bath with distilled water and drop a hairdryer in it, you won't get electrocuted! But if you are sitting in tap water, you will because the junk in the water conducts electricity. the same way we have to be pure and drink distilled water so the electrical junk Wi-Fi won't affect us as much! Also taking Epsom salt baths removes the antennae and Magnesium spray. We are copper deficient and calcium deficient because of  all this aluminum which is also in soil killing our food (Agenda 21). We should also speak about AI Artificial Intelligence and Black Goo!

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