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Shared Cinematic Universes

10:00 AM, Sunday 16 Apr 2017 (1 hour)
Metro Hotel Perth - Swan Room, White
When Marvel Studios embarked on their ambitious plan for an inter-related franchise of comic book adaptations, it was seen as a tremendous financial and creative risk. 13 films later it has become a model for Hollywood blockbusters at nearly every major studio. Warner Bros is duplicating the format for their own superhero movies beginning with Batman v Superman, Universal is launching a shared franchise of monster movies and developing spin-offs and prequels to The Fast and the Furious, Warner Bros is uniting Godzilla and King Kong, and Disney is expanding Star Wars into sequels, spin-offs and television shows. What are the benefits of these shared fictional universes, and what are the risks? Is this new future of massive franchises bad news for creativity in film?
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