Barb de la Hunty

Barb's photo

Barb was Chair of Swancon 6, in 1981. Barb started the Fannish Olympics tradition at Swancons, and ran the aerobics stream at Worldcon (Aussiecon 11). She co-founded Dreamstone with Steve Gunnell and produced the limited edition collection of A Bertram Chandler's finest short stories From Sea To Shining Star, which was abundantly and wonderfully illustrated by Nick Stathopoulos.

Barb also introduced Swancons to Apple Macs and Desktop Publishing, with Con badges and Con banners for Swancon 9 printed off their first edition Apple Macintosh sidewise on a tractor feed Imagewriter. "What language does it speak?” they all asked of the Mac - “It speaks ENGLISH!” said Barb.