Art Show 2018 – ‘Mixed Media’

Transform. Transmogrify. Remix. Reform.

We’re not just talking about the traditional usage of the term ‘mixed media’, in which more than one art media (such as watercolours and ink pen) are used together to create art.
We’re also talking about mixing together ideas. Characters. Styles. Fandoms. Anything and everything, especially within (but not limited to) speculative fiction genres such as fantasy, science fiction, and horror.

What would your favourite character look like painted in the style of your favourite artist?
Or living in a different time? If the villains became the heroes (or vice versa)? If they were an animal? Or in the style of a particular cartoon? If they were a different gender? Older? Younger? Or where taken from their original setting/franchise and placed into a different one? What if, what if, WHAT IF?!?

Participants are highly encouraged to create art that engages with the ‘Mixed Media’ theme, however it is not mandatory. Art must be suitable for viewing by an all-ages audience. For example:

Van Gogh Shielf

So grab your paint brushes, fire up your computers, sharpen your pencils, mod those ponies and bobble heads, start sewing, take those photos, crochet your heart out, and CREATE ART.

The fine details:

  • Art will be on display the Saturday & Sunday of the convention.
  • Judging Categories: Children (age 12 & under), Open (Amateur), & Open (Semi-Pro).
  • Entry Fee/s: $5.00 per artwork in the two Open categories. Entries in the Childrens’ category is free of charge.
  • Medium/s: Any – if you need a particular set up (such as an AV display, powerpoint, clothes mannequin etc), you will need to contact the Art Show Co-ordinator at least a week beforehand to sort this out, or risk being unable to display your work.
  • Size & quantity restrictions: depending on the number of other entries & physical art show area, overly large works, and/or multiple entries by one artist may not be able to be accommodated.
  • Selling Your Art: Artwork in the Open (Amateur), & Open (Semi-Pro) categories can be put for sale by silent auction. If there are more than 5 bids at the close of the art show, it will go to a regular style auction.
  • Bidding for Art: If you are bidding for art being offered for sale, you need to be present at the end of the art show to pay and collect the art you have successfully bid for.
    • If you cannot physically be present, please arrange for a proxy to pay & collect beforehand. Art not paid for by the end of the convention will be returned to the artist.
  • Drop off: Thursday and Friday of the Con, at the registration desk. (Contact the Art Show Co-ordinator for extraordinary circumstances at least one week before the convention)
  • Pick up (if not sold/ not for sale): At the close of the Art Show on Sunday. From the registration desk on Monday.

Pre-Registration of artwork is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. If there is more artwork than physical space, pre-registered entries will be given priority. Please include the following when pre-registration your entries: Artist’s name, Title of Art Work, Medium/s, Category, Is it for Sale (if yes, what is the minimum bid), and any other important information.
Send questions and pre-registrations to: