Trading at Swancon 2018

Trader's tables are available at Swancon 2018 between 10am-6pm:

  • Friday 30th March
  • Saturday 31st March
  • Sunday 1st April


Trader's tickets are priced per day and per table. For example:

  • 1 table for 1 day = $35
  • 2 tables for 1 day = $70
  • 1 table for 2 days = $70

You’re welcome to share a table with a friend.


Traders' tables will be prominently placed in the main foyer of the function floor, along with con registration and the gaming area.

Each table comes with two trader's name tags, allowing two traders/staff at that table. A trader's name tag gives access to the common areas of the convention, so if you want to attend panels as well as trade you’ll need to also purchase a convention membership.

There will be a lockable room available for traders to use adjacent to the trading area, as the function floor isn’t securable at night. Access to this room and the trading space will start from 9am.

Power will be available to most of the tables. Please let us know when you book your trading table if you require access.

Queries can be emailed to Cathy at

Trader’s tickets can be purchased using the Register Now link on this site.