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Can you trust that Dog?

Science fiction
FunFandomScience fiction
8:00 PM, Sunday 1 Apr 2018 (1 hour)
Pan Pacific Perth - Mount Newman
Take a trip down memory lane and ask yourself an important question - CAN YOU TRUST THAT DOG?

Including but not limited to: Sirius (Stapledon), K9 (Dr Who), Cosmo (Marvel), Krypto (Superman), Astro (Jetsons), Blood (From A Boy and His Dog by Ellison), Muffit (From original BSG), Seymour (Futurama), Porthos (Star Trek), Dogmeat (Fall Out 4), Lucky (Hawkeye), Lockjaw (Inhumans), Doug (Up), Clifford (the Giant Red Dog), Dog (Red Dwarf), The Mabari (Dragon Age), First Dog on the Moon.
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