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Strong Beginnings- writing workshop

3:30 PM, Saturday 31 Mar 2018 (2 hours)
Pan Pacific Perth - Meeting Room 3
Strong Beginnings- writing workshop
Glenda Larke, author of The Forsaken Lands, is offering an advanced writing workshop at Swancon.
This workshop has two parts:
1) Participants who wish to do so can submit the first 500 words (opening scene) of a SF/F/H novel in advance of the workshop (extended until March 15th), and will receive a private written critique of their work from Glenda on the day.
2) The workshop will look at how to address common writing issues within manuscripts generally, looking at ways to reinforce strengths, identify weaknesses -- and provide advice on how get rid of the boring bits!

Spaces are limited so attendees will need to book. Manuscript extracts can submitted to with Strong Beginnings in the subject line.

W.A. Fantasy Novelist

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