Taking a Videogame Company to the Australian Securities Exchange

Sunday Apr 01   03:00 PM to 04:00 PM (1 hour)
West Grand River
Academic gaming
Vee Prendergast says:

I will detail the work that I have given over the past three years as I have been directly seeking major investment in my video game company in Western Australia. I will be talking about investment models, the trade offs, experiences with dealing with different people within the investment finance sector, from VCs to Angels, to stock market investment firms.

This will be a candid and honest account of my experiences and will have a lot of my opinions about the investment models, but also I will be aiming for a discussion about why to seek investment and what the trade-offs are. Given that financing is always a hot-topic amongst indie developers, and with no movement for a new Australian Interactive Games Fund, this is a pertinent time to talk about why private investment can be a necessary evil.

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