John Robertson Master of Shouting

Welcome to John Robertson, Professional Guest of Honour for Swancon2020!

John Robertson is a comedian, author, broadcaster and anarchist, who has been loudly enjoying himself at science fiction conventions since he was 14 years old. Since 2012, his live-action text adventure show The Dark Room has had sold out shows at the Edinburgh Fringe and toured around the planet, including appearances at the UK's Insomnia Gaming Festival, London’s Soho Theatre, London Film & Comic-Con, EB Games Expo, PAX Australia, Perth’s Wai-Con, Utrecht Comedy Festival, Melbourne Comedy Festival and an appalling burger restaurant in Cambodia. In 2018, The Dark Room became a proper videogame thanks to Perth’s Stirfire Studios. The Little Town of Morrowville Cover
Real Life Video Game Where John does all the work and shouts at you 

From 2014-2016 he was the host of the international television show Videogame Nation, and his stand-up appearances have seen him turn up on the BBC, ABC and Channel 10. He is the former cosplay host from Perth’s Wai-Con and Australia’s Supanova conventions, has sung the blues with Ian Livingstone and sworn with Brian Blessed. His short story “Harry” was featured in Robin Ince's British horror anthology Dead Funny 2.

His debut comic fantasy novel, “The Little Town of Marrowville” will be published by Puffin in the UK and Australia in August 2019. A child of Perth, he attended every single Swancon from 2001 - 2009, and he genuinely cannot wait to see every one again.

John Robertson Digitally Ready to Shout

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