Sarah and John P

They're doing this for love. And free drinks. If any one offers, that is. They like champagne, the drier the better, thank you for asking. Sarah's the one who likes to tell people what to do, and John is the nice one. Hope you had a great time at our launch party, and feel free to chat with either of them about anything! Feel free to email them on


Jack B

Jack is also doing this for love. They teach people at university about Stuff, writes Stuff, and tries to stop their dogs from destroying Stuff (not always the same Stuff). They're looking for ideas, and we want YOU in the program right now! So here's the programmer email address:


Jess B

Jess might be the only sensible one here, but then again she is a librarian by day. (By night she plays a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.) She's been practicing a variety of ways to say "no" to the rest of the committee every time we open our mouths, so our budget is looking great right now! Hope you've bought your ticket already; if not, click the big red button below to sign up! If you have other questions,  email 

Games Co-ordinator

Laura H

Laura is lovely. The nicest person on the committee, and she loves games and gaming! She has no favourite game, she loves them all equally. Is this Polygamous? If you'd like to go a round or two in a game, she'll add you to the Gaming Stream first, and then play you second. You can volunteer to help run games, play games, demonstrate games, and even talk about games here! Chat with Laura here on the email address


Emily R

Em definitely carries a big stick when they're not telling us gorgeous stories about their kitties. As Secretary, they are allowed to use "yes" but prefers a more pointed "let me clarify that for the minutes?" Don't ask about the grilling the convenor got about the pony. Or even which convenor. Random questions can come to

Marketing and Promotions

Hayden M

Hayden is a Quidditch fanatic, so they may not carry a big stick but definitely keeps a broom between their legs. When they're not playing quidditch they're keeping themselves busy with a growing collection of committees. They have plenty of experience running large scale events, and we're really excited to have them on board! You can send Hayden suggestions and ideas for our promotions and marketing at

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