Sarah P and Laura H

They're doing this for love. And free drinks. Or games. If any one offers, that is. One likes champagne, the drier the better, thank you for asking. The other can usually be found lurking happily in the Gaming rooms. Sarah's the one who likes to tell people what to do, and Laura is the nice one. Feel free to chat with either of them about anything! Feel free to email them on


John P

Apparently we didn't learn last time, so John (with a tiny bit of help from Sarah) is back in the saddle! We have an entire convention of material to work with, but we want more! This year we really want to focus on the positive, on making change and working towards a wonderful new future. We're always looking for ideas, and we want YOU in the program right now! So here's the programmer email address:


Jess B

Jess might be the only sensible one here, but then again she is a librarian by day. (By night she plays a lot of Dungeons and Dragons.) She's been practicing a variety of ways to say "no" to the rest of the committee every time we open our mouths! Hope you've bought your ticket already; if not, click the big red button below to sign up! If you have other questions, email

Games Co-ordinator

Welcome to Rob and Leece!

When not behind a camera, or a dry cocktail bar, or kayaking, or underwater and half-fish, Rob is usually playing games. RPGs and boardgames particularly. Indeed, it is rare to see him outside of the gaming room at cons. And running a gaming stream is kind of like a Euro-style game, right? Fortunately he has Leece to stop him doing anything that silly.

When not drawing, reading, underwater while being half fish, or learning the Nyoongar language Leece is usually playing games. RPG's and boardgames particularly. Indeed it is rare to see her outside the gaming room at conventions. Running a gaming stream is kind of like a Euro-style game, right? Fortunately she has Rob to stop her doing anything that silly.

Contact them on

Marketing and Promotions

Sarah P

We're looking for someone who likes to keep an eye on Social Media, knows one meme from another, and can string words into a coherent sentence. If you're curious, message the convenors, or email Also helpful if you know how to make a meme, distribute information, and present positive and upbeat content!

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