Swancon has many attendees with many levels of needs. To try and help as much as we can, the committee have tried to put a few things in place to assist every one to enjoy our convention. Please let us know if we have missed anything, or if you have suggestions that would help you or a friend to enjoy our convention. We would love to hear from you! Please e-mail info@swancon.com.au if you have suggestions or ideas. 

Runways - Please look down! 

The Duxton has agreed to let us map out runways on the carpet to indicate high use areas, and we request that all attendees pay attention. If you find yourself having a great chat with someone, please move away from the runways to allow others to walk past you. The hotel has a great coffee lounge, and there are chairs and couches sprinkled all over the place!

Panels Areas Marked for Reasons 

The front of each panel room will have marked off areas for people with mobility aids and also persons who may need to be closer for hearing requirements. 

Volume Control and Respect

Panelists and presenters should use any microphones during panels. If you are an audience member, please remember to speak clearly and when invited.  

Quiet Room 

We have a quiet room with low lighting set aside for power chair recharging and downtime. Please be respectful of all users and keep noise levels low in this room.