Swancon is WA's annual speculative fiction convention celebrating science fiction, fantasy, and other speculative fiction genres. We like to talk about books, TV and pop-culture. It is the longest continuously running science fiction convention in Australia. We also like to play quidditch, live action foosball and kitkat jenga!

We chat, drink, discuss and party; we embrace the serious, the ridiculous and the far-fetched.

Within the convention, we host a variety of entertainment. Check out the list below:

Panels: A panel consists of one or several people talking on a particular topic in front of the audience. Questions are welcomed at the end, and often a moderator ensures the panel remains lively and interesting. Topics can range from serious physics in the real world, through to quizzes and questions and video presentations. If you'd like to come and present, please email programmer@swancon.com.au.

Discussions: A discussion can be in several formats too! We sometimes have "kaffeeklatches" which is where an author might meet for coffee with up to ten convention members to have an informal chat about their favourite topic - writing! We also have moderated round table chats, where the topic might be a random question and the audience discusses or perhaps attempts to solve a puzzle. For example, a favourite audience led discussion is "WorldBuilding," which could be a physical description of an imaginary world, or could end up being a discussion on the theological nature of religion within a certain physical world type. If this sounds like your kind of thing, let us know by emailing programmer@swancon.com.au

Activities: not every panel is sitting around listening or talking! We also arrange occasional activities that can be quite physical! Past conventions have had quidditch matches, live action foosball, live action chess, theater sports, dance classes and more. If you would like to see something, or even offer suggestions and ideas, or be in our Activities stream, email programmer@swancon.com.au

Gaming: Do you like board games? In collaboration with Unigames and other gaming clubs in WA, we have the biggest selection of board games free to play with for the duration of the convention. Literally hundreds of games are available to have a look at, and play. Our volunteers will help you to sort out rules, play with you, and show you how it's done! Every couple of hours, a new Newbie Game will be launched, chosen specifically for new players to welcome them. If you want to check and see if your favourite game will be there, or if you have suggestions and ideas, then email gaming@swancon.com.au

Family stream: Swancon also has a stream of family friendly events through out the whole convention. Family friendly events are open to all, but are developed with parents and children in mind. We have played kitkat jenga, read many stories, played soft toy rugby, crafted, made costumes, and had children's parades in the past. Many of our other stream panels are also family friendly. If you have suggestions, a favourite, or wish to help out, please email programmer@swancon.com.au! Unfortunately we do not have a creche facility, and children under 12 need to be with a guardian or adult at all times.

Social Events: We want to welcome you too! We have social events through out the year and the convention, including a Quiz Night, Masquerade Party, Dinner with the Guests of Honour, and Welcome Lunches during the convention. If you would like a primer on how to survive three days of fun, then feel free to ask any one at the front desk for suggestions! Email info@swancon.com.au if you can think of any way we can make you feel comfortable, or if you'd like to be notified of events.

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You can email us at info@swancon.com.au