In a year with a real pandemic it would be a missed opportunity not to hold a Pandemic Survival tournament. You will need to register for your Swancon membership before you can be added to the Tournament Registration.

Pandemic Survival is a competitive version of Pandemic where teams of two players compete to be the first team to find all four cures, or to be the last team still alive at the end of the game.

The tournament is limited to 12 teams. Each team has the same roles, the same player cards; the same epidemics and the same infections. Only their strategic choices will be different.

To register for Swancon, click on the link below and use one of the many registration links. Once you have signed up for the convention, visit the panel item again and click Sign Up. Sign up early to avoid missing out!

Click here to register!

Training Session: 04:30pm Sunday 06/06/2021

Tournament Starts: 07:30 pm Sunday 06/06/2021

Entry criteria

1. You will need to know how to play Pandemic (but you can learn at the training session);

2. You need a copy of Pandemic (We might have some to borrow but we're not sure yet).

3. You need to be on a team of 2,
or let us know that you need a team mate!

Enter a team?

Register at the link above and email with the info!

Need a team?

Register at the link above and email with the info!

Massive thanks to Warren, Elaine, Rob and Leece for this!