Stephen, or Steveg as he is fannishly known, was born and grew up in Perth. His work life has seen him involved with computers in almost every way possible.

He was in wargaming and (separately) gaming in general, and had been reading science fiction as a genre for about six years before he saw a poster for Swancon 1.

At Swancon 1, he found a whole group of people who thought the same was as him -- a new experience.

After Swancon 2, he moved to Canberra for work for four years. His work pattern there meant he had plenty of time to go to Sydney and Melbourne conventions.

In Canberra he met Leigh Hyde who was at that time the sole member of the Canberra Science Fiction Society, and together they started rebuilding and put together Circulation 1, the first Canberra science fiction convention. This ran for two or three years before it was replaced by Conflux, the current Canberra convention. Since then he's been listed as committee on two or three Swancons (which is different from the early Swancons where it was more a communal effort than a structured committee). He married another Swancon 1 attendee, Maureen Gell, in 1998.

He's been roleplaying on and off since about 1975. More recently he's been involved in anime and has been associated with WABA since its second meeting in 2007.

Steveg will be attending in real life, in the flesh, condiitional on any sudden emergency lockdowns due to living in a pandemic!