Opening Ceremony

1:30 PM, Saturday 25 Apr 2020 (30 minutes)
Duxton 1
Are you ready??? Meet this year’s team, meet the guests, and get the lowdown on all things Swancon 2020.

Welcome to Country ceremony will be performed by Ken Hayward and Dr Glen Stasiuk:

Ken Hayward (Noongar) brings a wealth of experience and knowledge in Cross Cultural Awareness and Aboriginal Community engagement. His experience is a culmination of twenty years working in various roles and positions to promoteAboriginal culture and facilitate better working and social relationships between Aboriginal & non-Aboriginal communities and people. He is a traditional custodian within the Wagyl-kaip (Albany-Kattanning) regions.
Dr Glen Stasiuk (Noongar) is a Lecturer & senior Indigenous researcher at Murdoch University and a maternal descendent of the Minang-Wadjari Nyungars (Aboriginal peoples) of the South-West of Western Australia whilst his paternal family immigrated from post-war Russia. These rich and varied cultural backgrounds have allowed him, through his filmmaking, research and writing to explore culture, knowledge and diverse narratives.

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