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Not-A-Con Photography Contest

"Thinking Inside The Box"

Tell A Self-Contained Original SF/F Story in Five Panels.

What does this mean? 

To make a valid entry, you must submit 5 original photographs, assembled as a complete 5 panel original SF/F genre-related story. You may include captions, speech balloons, or other narrative devices, but the underlying image must be photographic, and original. The 5 panels must fit a single page.

Acceptable subject matter could include, but is not limited to, cosplay, miniatures, Lego™, 3D printed scenes, and so forth. 3D renderings are specifically prohibited. Please note that the emphasis here is on “originality of story”.

Entry will be free for Not-A-Con members, and AUD10 for anyone else wanting to enter.

Proceeds will go to Swancon!

Full Rules here!


The Not-A-Con Photo Contest Major Prize is a classic art photo package consisting of a Lomography Diana F+ medium format film camera kit and three rolls of B&W film. The prize is worth over $150!


Not-a-Con Logo with Diana F+ camera and box of film
Not-A-Con Photography Contest