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Vous pouvez vous inscrire à cet événement ou inscrire d'autres personnes en sélectionnant le type de billet ou le type d'adhésion approprié ci-dessous.

Dispo. jusqu'à Prix Frais Quantité
Full Con
Full Swancon 2018 membership.
$260,00 AUD
Full Con (Concession)
Full Swancon 2018 concession membership.
$190,00 AUD
Supporting membership
Receive voting rights and copies of all Swancon publications. You can upgrade from a supporting membership to an attending membership at any time, paying the difference between them.
2018-03-15 $50,00 AUD
Trader table (1 table/1 day per ticket)
This ticket books a trader table for one day at Swancon. Each table booke gives access to the trader room and public access (non-programming) areas of the convention for two trader staff members.
2018-04-02 $35,00 AUD