Seann Bardell and Dohrea Bardell, PhD, The Intelligence and Power of Therapeutic Food Supplements: Science, Research, and Protocols

Friday Mar 03   07:30 AM to 08:15 AM (45 minutes)
Maui Suites
The Intelligence and Power of Therapeutic Food Supplements: Science, Research, and Protocols 

In this enlivening breakfast, you will learn the power and intelligence of using foods therapeutically to potentiate your existing protocols. 

The science on food as a therapeutic tool is definitive and encouraging.  Learning how to utilize food supplements to heal the difficult ailing conditions of our time is imperative.  Food in its concentrated form is foundational to your protocols. 

The BioImmersion family is a rarity in our nutraceutical marketplace. Exercising a Forward Thinking framework, every member of the team is an activist for the therapeutic power of foods. BioImmersion’s community of scientists, eco-farmers, and physicians from all over the world collaborate and produce an exciting range of potent Therapeutic Food Supplements.  

Our guides in this talk are the founders of BioImmersion. A lifelong educator, Seann Bardell’s expertise of food science will help you to understand how to use the therapeutic foods range with current protocols. Dohrea Bardell, PhD, is a theoretical scholar who writes and lectures on the shifting paradigms of research in both the social and biological sciences. 

Learning Objectives:

The historicity of food science: the power and intelligence of plant based foods.

Learn how to utilize the Therapeutic Foods supplements for non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Discover the next generation probiotics:  Infection fighting supernatant metabolites and immune boosting microRNA.

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