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Ana Lourenco - the winner of the free ticket from APTRAD, our partner

APTRAD, the Portuguese Association of Translators and Interpreters, is a formally constituted non-profit organisation based in Porto, Portugal. It was established in February 2015 by a group of freelance professionals in response to a perceived need for a modern, creative and innovative approach in order to achieve greater cohesion and exchange of information at national level within the profession.

APTRAD's motto - Interpreting the present to translate the future – reflects the Association's aim to promote and foster the growth of its professional members, and to support the integration as professionals of all future translators and interpreters into the market. APTRAD intends to become the chief point of reference and primary meeting place for all those who have chosen a career in translation and interpretation.

Bart Pellens

Así-Es language solutions is run by Bart Pellens, a seasoned linguist with a passion for foreign languages and communication. He studied to be a business interpreter in Dutch, English, French and German and subsequently also learned Spanish and Italian.

Así-Es language solutions is a Belgium based translation company. We offer a wide range of language combinations to predominantly corporate customers covering various domains. We take proud in delivering top-quality translations and providing excellent service. Así-Es makes translations easy and carefree.

Nenad Andricsek

If You are a small LSP you can use MiniTPMS to define and streamline your translation/localization 

processes. We're aiming not to be just a management system, but a platform to run your whole business. 

For more info contact Nenad directly. We're small, we try harder :) 

Nicolás M. Martín Fontana


Nicolás is the Business Development Manager at Jensen Localization, working in beautiful Andalusia, among interesting and passionate people.

Jensen Localization is a company devoted to all European languages. Since early 2012 we have also been offering other languages upon request.

With offices in DenmarkThe Netherlands and Spain, and more than 18 years of experience we have a highly professional team of project managers, in-house translators/reviewers and a pool of more than 500 freelance translators.

In 2017 we welcomed our first Jensen Localization franchisee in Denmark.

To know more about Jensen Localization franchising formula contact:

If you want to request a quotation for your project write to Nicolás at:

If you want to work as a freelancer or in-house translator write to Susana at:

For more information visit: