Business Development Manager
Jensen Localization

My name is Nicolás M. Martín Fontana, I am the Business Development Manager at Jensen Localization. 

I was born in Argentina in 1981, from a Spanish-Italian family. The roots of my family can be traced from my father side in Castile and León, in Spain, and from my mother side in Piedmont, Italy and Trieste (which nowadays is part of Italy but used to be a part of former Yugoslavia). I joined the translation industry in Poland in 2011 as a member of a localization testing unit in a big localization company in Warsaw. After several roles there, I ended my career in the Language Lead position. As a Language Lead, I have to admit that I had the pleasure of working with the best team of people that I ever met in my life till now. 

After that, I decided that it was high time to move back to Andalusia, where a piece of my heart, my brother, and my closest friends are located (they are like my second family).

Thanks to Jensen Localization I have the opportunity to be back in such a beautiful place, in an environment surrounded by very interesting people that I would like to make part of my life.

If you would like to collaborate with Jensen Localization or you are looking for a business partner please approach me at any time during the event. Or contact us using any of our social media profiles.