Hello Kettle - the Importance of the Audience's Cultural Framework in Non-technical Translation - Joanna Pawulska Saunders

Friday Mar 23   12:30 PM to 01:30 PM (1 hour)

We’ve all seen them – advertising slogans that don’t quite hit the mark, inappropriate product names, jokes that fall flat, texts where the words are there but the meaning is hard to fathom…

As companies expand globally, they need quality content and marketing materials; materials to engage clients, transmit their brand message and be relevant to new audiences. They need to address new cultural frameworks, and to be immediately understood. 

Focusing too closely on source – and relying too heavily on the traditional tools used to enhance translator productivity – can sometimes ignore the all-important cultural markers, and cause the audience to disconnect or feel confused. Ironically, the core message can get lost in translation. Cue the Translator Ex Machina! 

This presentation focuses on the notion that language is more than just words. To communicate effectively, the translator needs to consider style, tone, register … and most importantly, the audience. Hours have been spent crafting the source text, honing each sentence to create a message; and it is this message that has to be conveyed, not just the words surrounding it. It is vital to understand the cultural framework and background of the target audience – and how translation can use this to produce compelling content that flows. 

The talk aims to be interactive and dynamic, looking at (English) texts to identify what works and what doesn’t, and sharing tips and ideas to help produce sparkling, compelling, relevant translations while remaining true to the source.   

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