The world is built on processes and driven by project management - Jerzy Czopik

Friday Mar 23   04:15 PM to 05:15 PM (1 hour)
Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna - Warszawa+Berlin

Everyone knows that and everyone uses it, but nearly no one freelance translator does call it that way...

But without processes we are lost - we need a way to deal with customer requests and requirements, we have to manage the jobs, files, tools and all other tasks in our profession.

Imagine you want to bake a muffin and get the full list of ingredients, but the description how to do it is missing. So you have the data, but don't have the process. Many freelance translators behave exactly the same way - they have the data, but they are reluctant to call what they do ""process"" and to accept, that they are project management of their own work.

Certainly, this is nothing new - but also quite certainly no one has yet spoken about this from the perspective I offer. I will present the topic with ""charm, style and a good hint of humour"", hoping to bring the audience to a laugh :)

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