Machine Translation Services in the Public Administration of the European Union: European Language Resource Coordination & CEF Automated Translation for the EU Council Presidency - Anna Kotarska, ELRC

Saturday Mar 24   11:00 AM to 12:00 PM (1 hour)
In the digital age the language barrier is one of the main obstacles to the full enjoyment by the EU citizens of the benefits from the European integration. In the context of the Digital Single Market constraints related to multilingual communication apply to, in particular, cross-border public services, promoting a common European identity, mobility of workers, and cross-border e commerce and trade.

The emergence of new technological opportunities such as deep-learning neural networks using increased computing power and access to large amounts of data enables the creation of solutions for overcoming or significantly reducing language barriers. To support the development of the European Digital Single Market and the implementation of the right of citizens of the European Union to communicate in any of the official EU languages in contact with the public administration, the European Commission embarked on a project to build the Automated Translation platform (CEF.AT) based on the already functioning at the main EU institutions machine translation system MT@EC, which covered only part of the EU languages. ETranslation generated by this tool is one of the five pillars of the EU’s digital economy along with eID, eSignature, eInvoicing, and eDelivery.

To this end under the ‘Connecting Europe Facility’ (CEF) Equity Instrument, the European Commission launched in April 2015 a comprehensive project called European Language Resource Coordination Programme, which aims at identifying and collecting language resources relevant for translation from the point of view of national public services, administrations and government institutions in 30 European countries participating in the programme.

European Language Resource Coordination
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