Translation Magician Tips and Tricks Workshop - Sameh Ragab - 100 EUR + VAT

Sunday Mar 25   10:00 AM to 03:00 PM (5 hours)
Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna - Room: Biblioteka
A high-powered workshop with practical examples taken from real-world translation scenarios, for professional intermediate-advanced translators who want to make their lives easier and dare to diversify the scope of their services. 5 hours of selective tips and tricks that would completely open new horizons for translators and make tedious tasks easy to handle. Among the topics included:

  • SDL Studio Intermediate-advanced tips and tricks – many complicated case studies explained and made easy with magical solutions and video demos. 
  • File management and office processes tips and tricks, with case studies. 
  • Updated tips and trick to working with all types of PDF files. 
  • Building your offline monolingual and bilingual corpora from available resources (with or without CAT tools integration). 
  • Regex, the future! Practical examples and case studies (examples given will be distributed to attendees as part of the handouts). 
  • Enhancing Predictive Input Layers and Autosuggest mechanisms (tools, tips, and case studies). 
  • Audio Transcription – CAT tool integration (audio transcription redefined case study). 
  • Subtitling – CAT tool integration (subtitling redefined case study). 
  • Productivity and Automation Tips and Tricks (many examples taken from complex projects and difficult translation requests). 
  • File type handling, and guidance to create your own when needed. 
  • Custom Quality Assurance Tips and Tricks. 
  • The art of disaster recovery planning: Everything a translator needs to know to be prepared against computer disasters and loss of data.  

This workshop is a post-conference event and as such is additionally paid. If you would like to take part, you have to purchase a ticket. The tickets are available to TLC attendees as well as anyone interested.

UN and Worldbank Registered Translation Vendor
ISO 17100 Lead Auditor and Certified Translation Provider

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