TLC Handbook


TLC is unique in that it in not only a meeting platform for freelance translators and translation agencies, but also for organizations, translation buyers, corporations, translation researchers, and numerous other groups of people working in and with the translation industry. Meeting the demands of the industry, it offers incisive insight into the newest trends and a practical hands-on approach at a sensible price. Every year, the conference draws several hundreds of industry peers from over thirty countries. It has become a mandatory item on the agenda of translators and interpreters in the know.

Please take a while to read through this page in order to make your preparations to TLC2018 go as smoothly as possible.




How to. You can register for the conference on the website: by clicking on the Register button. There, please fill in all the data, including the invoice details, as even if you don’t need an invoice, we need to have a proof of selling you the ticket.

Types of tickets. There are several types of tickets: a 2-day ticket for both Friday and Saturday; a 1-day ticket for Friday and for Saturday; lunch tickets for both days separately; and a ticket for the Friday networking evening. Tickets for Supporter’s Package (a set of mug and ads on the conference website, Facebook site and in the Exhibition Room at the conference) are available on the website, and tickets for pre-conference and post-conference long workshops are also available - SDL's workshop is free for TLC attedees, while Sameh Ragab's workshop is 100 EUR net.

For your convenience, please find a table with prices below.




Early Bird attendance (until 31/12/17)

190 EUR + 43.70 EUR VAT

800 PLN + 184 PLN VAT

110 EUR + 25.30 EUR VAT

470 PLN + 108,10 PLN VAT

Regular attendance (1/1/17 – 18/2/18)

220 EUR + 50.60 EUR VAT

950 PLN + 218.50 PLN VAT

130 EUR + 29.90 EUR VAT

560 PLN + 128.80 PLN VAT

Late attendance

(19/2/18 onwards)

270 EUR + 62.10 EUR VAT

1150 PLN + 264.50 PLN VAT

160 EUR + 36.80 EUR VAT

690 PLN + 158.70 PLN VAT

Lunch 1-day

15 EUR + 3.45 EUR VAT

65 PLN + 27.60 PLN VAT

Networking evening

50 EUR + 11.50 EUR VAT

220 PLN + 50.60 PLN VAT

Supporter’s Package

50 EUR + 11.50 EUR VAT

220 PLN + 50.60 PLN VAT


There are no student and group discounts. However, we have extended a 10% discount to our partner associations who are advertising this offer among their members.

Payments and VAT. You can pay for the conference in two ways – either via PayPal or wire transfer. For PayPal, choose the tickets labeled as “PayPal”. After you will in the form, the PayPal button will take you to the PayPal website where you can pay. For wire transfer, choose the “Wire Transfer” tickets and follow the instructions in the PDF file e-mailed to you after registration. The file will contain the price for your ticket as well as wire transfer data. Wire transfer tickets are marked as "Free" in the registration form and in the PDF file - this is beacause due to technical restrictions we cannot assign a fee to a ticket which can be paid by wire transfer at a later date. However, you can find the price on the yellow background (indicated clearly below :))

Please remember that the tickets are subject to 23% VAT – PayPal will add the tax at checkout, while for wire transfer the prices provided in the registration form include VAT (hence the difference in prices – don’t worry, we do not discriminate against wire transfers :P).

In line with the current law, conference attendance is taxed according to local provisions of the country where the conference is taking place. Our conference is held in the same country (Poland) in which the invoice is issued, and the recipient of the service must physically come to the country to participate. This means that there is no EU “import of services”. Therefore, Polish VAT applies.

Please bear in mind that we do not accept cash payments.

Adding tickets. If you would like to buy more tickets (you forgot to buy lunch, you decided to go to the networking evening, there’s a new workshop that interests you…), you can do so by registering only for the items which interest you. They will be added to your profile.

Refund policy. If you cannot take part in the conference and you have already paid the fee, please let us know at The closer the conference is, the more costs we have to bear. Therefore, if you withdraw by 31 January 2018, we will refund 90% of the conference fee; if you withdraw by 14 February 2018, we will refund 50% of the fee; if you withdraw by 1 March 2018, we will refund 20% of the fee. Later withdrawal will not be reimbursed.

Publishing profile on the website

After registration, your profile will not be made public until you activate it. In order to do it, go to, click Log In in the upper right corner of the screen, enter the e-mail address you provided during registration and select “I’m a new user”. The site will ask you to set your password. After you have set it, you can log into your profile using the same e-mail address, the newly set password and the option “I’m a returning user”. After logging in, you will see a green button saying “Publish my profile”. In the panel, you can also fill in your personal information and your photo.

Conference programme

You can consult the TLC programme on our website.

Admittance. Please bear in mind that you only have to sign up for the pre-conference (Thursday) and post-conference (Sunday) workshops. All the lectures and workshops which take place on Friday and Saturday are free of charge. While there will be no official list, we recommend you sign up for the lectures and workshops which interest you - this will allow us to make changes in the rooms according to attendees' interest.

Signing up for lectures and workshops. In order to sign up for lectures and workshops, you have to log in on TLC's website (instructions how to do it are in the part "Publishing profile". Then, go to Schedule. On the right side of every talk/workshop, there is a plus sign in a circle. When you click it, the item will be added to your personal schedule. You can view and edit your personal schedule in your profile.

Thursday and Sunday workshops. The Thursday SDL workshop is free for TLC attendees, but requires signing up according to the instructions above. There is a place limit and a waiting list. If you can't come to the workshop, please cancel your sign-up via the website or by e-mailing us at 24 hours before the workshop at the latest. If you fail to show up without notification, you will be charged 50 EUR.

The Sunday workshop by Sameh Ragab is 100 EUR net and you can buy a ticket for it on the website in the same way as other admittance tickets to the conference.

Changes in the programme. We’re trying to limit changes to the schedule once it is published on the website, but please note that the agenda might change as we move closer to the event. If during registration you select one-day attendance, but then the other day seems more interesting, you can switch to the other day at no charge until the end of February. If you have a one-day ticket but would like to take part in both days, please let us know.

Photos. During the conference, our photographer Tomasz Zarzycki will be taking pictures. Registration to the conference implies consent to having your picture taken and published on the conference website, Facebook page and possibly printed materials. 

Location, travelling and getting around

Map of the most important locations. Below you can find a map showing the location of Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna, Chopin Airport, Central Railway Station and Modlin Airport.

Location. The Translation and Localization Conference 2018 will take place at Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna in the city centre, Zielna 37, 00-108 Warsaw.

Accommodation. Since Centrum Zielna does not provide accommodation, we have negotiated attractive prices for our attendees at two hotels in the area. More information here.

Travelling by plane. If you’re travelling by plane, we strongly recommend flying to the Chopin Airport, which is very close to the city centre. 

There are taxis available at the airport – please use the taxis in front of the airport exit to avoid scams. Warsaw also has Uber services, or if you’re up for an adventure, you can use public transport. You can buy public transport tickets in ticket machines or kiosks at the airport or in the hotel (a 20-minute ticket costs 3.40 PLN and a day-long one costs 15 PLN – details here: We recommend the app and website

The other airport in Modlin is 50 km away from the city and taking a taxi or a bus from there is not only costly, but also very time-consuming. Please do it at your own risk.

Travelling by car. The venue doesn't have its own car park. You can try parking in the street (on weekdays parking is paid ca. 0.75 EUR/hour from 8 AM to 6 PM) or on the paid car park in Plac Defilad (marked on the map above).

Travelling by coach or train. It is best to get off at Warszawa Centralna railway station or Plac Defilad/Centrum coach station. However, all railway and coach stations in Warsaw have reasonable public transport and taxi connections with the airport.

Warsaw. Warsaw Convention Bureau will provide maps of Warsaw and Warsaw Top 10 brochures for TLC attendees. If you would like to learn more about Warsaw, click on the banner below to visit their website:


If you live outside the European Union and need a visa, please send your full name, nationality, address and ID/passport number to We can send you an invitation which you will have to present at the Polish embassy in your country. However, please bear in mind that we do not have much influence on the decision of the officials.

TLC Supporter Package

A Supporter package is a way of showing some Tender Loving Care for your favourite conference J It costs 50 EUR and contains a mug and three advertisements: on our website, on our Facebook page and on a screen in the Exhibition Room during the conference. We will contact you to ask for the necessary information and your photo/logo. It’s an excellent way of ensuring that other attendees will remember you! More information here.

Fringe events

Networking evening. The Translation and Localization Conference is always accompanied by a networking evening on Friday with good traditional Polish food and (sometimes) dancing. You can register for the networking evening now, together with your conference registration on our website. The networking evening for the 2018 TLC will take place in CK Oberża in Chmielna 28. The 50 EUR net ticket includes admittance, snacks, non-alcoholic drinks and 2 coupons for alcoholic drinks.

It is possible to take someone with you to the dinner at a standard networking dinner fee – just e-mail us at

Pre- and post-conference workshops. On the days just before and just after the conference, interesting all-day workshops are organized. Please consult the section on Conference programme above.

Warsaw tour. On Sunday 25 March, there will be a free English language guided tour for TLC attendees. The tour will start at 10 AM in front of the conference venue at Zielna 37. You can sign up for the tour by logging into your profile, going to "Schedule", scrolling to the bottom and clicking the plus sign next to the tour. Please keep in mind that the number of places is limited.

Other events? Follow our website and Facebook feed closely to be up-to-date with the freshest information on TLC fringe events. There are also unofficial events - for these, check out our networking forum.