SDL Trados workshop (Sign-up required! Click for details)

jeudi 22 mar.   02:00 PM à 06:00 PM (4 heures)
Centrum Konferencyjne Zielna - Room: Biblioteka

Trados in its’ many shapes and forms has been evolving for more than 30 years and is one of the most, if not the most, used TEnTs in the business. Number of users is growing with each year – alongside the number of new functionalities and options offered with each release. There is no doubt that Trados Studio is a powerful tool ­– but are we using it to its’ full potential? For new users, the amount of information can sometimes be overwhelming if not passed on correctly and systematically, and we can often see translators using Trados for many years without properly understanding the fundamental concepts of computer assisted translation. This makes further development (on intermediate and advanced levels) very difficult. What can we do to improve this?

In this workshop, we will try to tackle some of the main obstacles for continuous development in working with Trados Studio, and we will also try to provide some solutions for taking the user experience to the next level.

We will be covering some the basics for working with SDL Trados Studio, as well as some intermediate topics for easier file and project management.

And, don’t worry, we won’t forget about machine translation…

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