Clothing in Tolkien’s world and what we can see through its historical analysis

Thursday Aug 08   09:00 AM to 09:30 AM (30 minutes)

Can we read symbols in the descriptions of the attires of Middle Earth? Can we intuit Tolkien’s ideas of nobility and wisdom in the clothing of the Lord of the Rings?

Costumes are a reflection of the ideology of the historical context the story takes place in. What can be seen could be an open door to the idiosyncrasies of the period, and the thinking of the author that describes it. Therefore, it could be analyzed from a social, political and even psychological and moral point of view.

This conference will analyze clothing described in the complete works of Professor Tolkien by reviewing in detail the different attires of Middle Earth and its own forms and possible symbolism.

Finally, it will be shown that possibly any medievalist who intends to make a historical and artistic approach to the garments and clothing that are found in Tolkien’s world would notice the great knowledge he had on medieval times, even regarding fashion.

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