Inuit Studies Conference 2022: Auviqsaqtut is pleased to welcome the following Book Fair vendors!



University of Manitoba Press


University of Manitoba Press is dedicated to publishing books that combine important new scholarship with a deep engagement in the issues and events that affect the lives of Canadians. Founded in 1967, UMP was the first university press established in western Canada. We are widely recognized as a leading publisher of books on Indigenous history, Indigenous studies, and Canadian history. UMP’s editorial focus also includes books on the Arctic and the North; ethnic and immigration studies; Indigenous languages; Canadian literary studies, especially Indigenous literature; environment, land use, and food studies. We also publish a wide-ranging list of books on the culture and history of the Canadian prairies.




Inhabit Media and Inhabit Education Books


Inhabit Media is an Inuit-owned publishing company that aims to promote and preserve the stories, knowledge, and talent of northern Canada.




Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada


Pauktuutit is the national representative organization of Inuit women in Canada and is governed by a 15-member Board of Directors from across Inuit Nunangat and in the south. We foster greater awareness of the needs of Inuit women, advocate for equality and social improvements, and encourage Inuit women’s full participation at the community, regional, national, and international levels. By working with government, community leaders, and Inuit organizations, we support Inuit women in reaching their full potential in safe, happy communities, wherever they reside in Canada.  
Since its creation in 1984, Pauktuutit has been a leader in a broad range of sensitive and timely issues in the areas of violence and abuse prevention, health, and socio-economic development. We also bring an Inuit-specific gendered lens to a range of policy issues and initiatives, including the development and application of a culturally relevant GBA+ framework.
To further ensure Inuit women’s rights, Pauktuutit collaborates with numerous partners, including other regional, national, and international Inuit organizations, Indigenous organizations, and government departments with relevant mandates and priorities.



Revue Études Inuit Studies


Inuit Studies is devoted to the study of Inuit societies, either traditional or contemporary, in the general perspective of social sciences and humanities (ethnology, politics, archaeology, linguistics, history, etc.). The Journal has grown to become a major crossroad of information on northern endeavors. The issues are available on the website of Érudit . Only the subscribers can have access to the most recent issues.



Nunavut Arctic College Media (NAC Media)


Nunavut Arctic College Media (NAC Media) is located at the Nunavut Research Institute in Iqaluit. NAC Media publishes books pertaining to Inuit culture, language and history. We are a member of the Association of Canadian University Presses. Most of our books can be viewed at We may also have a listening and viewing station to share our films, oral histories, and archival materials.



Gooselane Editions


Based in Fredericton, New Brunswick’s capital, Goose Lane Editions is a vital part of Canada’s ever-morphing publishing landscape. Whether it's homegrown Canadian fiction, singular collections of poetry, books on contemporary art, or courageous stances on environmental issues and global politics, we provide book lovers with great reads that inspire, spur conversation, and stimulate minds. We seek to represent a balance of voices and proudly embrace Queer Lit as well as First Nations and Inuit authors and artists who are shaping and transforming our perspectives.









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