Terms & Conditions

S1- Main Terms

1.1 Stand holders and speakers may only exhibit products, businesses and therapies as per their booking form

1.1a Any deviation must be approved by The Holistic Centre and Wellness Day (The Organisers) prior to exhibiting

1.1b Stands, seminars and workshops must be paid for in full upon booking online for the event

1.2 No sub-letting or sharing of stand space is allowed without the agreement of The Organisers at the time of booking

1.3 Exhibitors will be checked in upon arrival by The Organisers

1.4 GLive will be open from 9am for exhibitors to set up

1.5 The Event closes at 4pm and standsMUST be cleared away by 4.30pm

1.6 In the event that another representative from the same company has booked the event, we will assume a first-come-first-served approach

1.6a Any bookings made after the first will be refunded via bank transfer 1.6b The Organiser’s decision is final

1.6c This does not apply where 2 exhibitors with the same type of therapy or business have booked e.g. massage/ chiro etc.

1.7 The Organisers will do their best to assign exhibitors to their stand of choice

1.7a Where this is not possible we will assign as close to request as we can

1.7b This is operated on a first-come-first-served basis

1.7c When assigning stands, we will take into consideration factors such as; travel couches, proximity to other similar therapists/ businesses

1.7d The Organiser’s decision is final

1.8 Exhibitors and speakers are responsible for the safety of their own stands and their individual insurance to cover stock and equipment

1.9 It is the responsibility of each and every exhibitor or speaker to be aware of any current change in legislation that affects their activities and to comply with such legislation including GDPR

1.10 Whilst The Organisers have taken every reasonable precaution to ensure a safe and secure environment for the event, it is the responsibility of each stand holder/ speaker to make sure that they have their own insurance to cover their goods and services as required by law for Public Liability insurance and professional indemnity for any products and treatments given

1.11 No responsibility will be accepted by the Organisers for claims made against any products, services or treatments or for any loss or damage to exhibitor’s/ speaker’s stock or equipment

1.12 No responsibility will be accepted by The Organisers or the venue for exhibitor’s/ speaker’s stock or equipment

1.13 Copies of exhibitor’s/ speaker’s Insurance Certificates must be available on the day, as required

1.12 In the event of adverse weather or unforeseen events that affects attendance, refunds will not be given

1.14 Cancellation of the Stand, Seminar or Workshop will be refunded as per the following terms

1.14a Up to 6 weeks before the event - 100% refund will be awarded to exhibitor/ speaker

1.14b Up to 4 weeks before the event - 50% refund will be awarded to exhibitor/ speaker

1.14c No refund will be made if the stand, seminar or workshop is cancelled within 4 weeks of the event

1.15 The Organisers will do their best to assign speakers to their seminar/ workshop time slot of choice

1.15a Where this is not possible we will assign as close to request as we can

1.15b This is operated on a first-come-first-served basis

1.15c When assigning time slots, we will take into consideration factors such as; room set-up requirements, variety in subject matter/ therapy type throughout the schedule

1.15d The Organiser’s decision is final

1.16 There will be a 15 minute interval between each seminar/ workshop for the following speaker to set up

1.16a Under no circumstances should the speaker overrun their time slot

1.16b The Organisers do not take any responsibility in any instance where this might occur

1.16c The Organisers aim to provide as much information as possible regarding the set up specifications of the seminar/ workshop rooms, however, it is the responsibility of the speaker to bring any items and technology that they may require, e.g. yoga mats, cables and adaptors, laptops, tablets, pens, paper

1.16d It is not the responsibility of The Organisers to provide the items mentioned above, nor any similar items

1.17 While The Organisers do place importance on promoting speakers and exhibitors prior to the event, ultimately, it is down to individuals to advertise their seminar/ workshop/ stand as much as possible

1.17a The Organisers will not take responsibility in the instance that the seminar/ workshop does not attract a full audience

1.17b The Organisers will not take responsibility for promoting the exhibitor/ speaker where there has been limited information provided when booking or where the information provided has been incorrect

1.17c The Organisers will make every reasonable effort to provide accurate information to exhibitors/ speakers, however, in cases where there is misunderstanding regarding any particular details of the event, The Organisers will not be held responsible

1.18 The programmes which are distributed to entrants upon arrival at Wellness Day will include the following information

  • Exhibitors: stand number, title of stand, business/ therapy info, website
  • Speakers: time slot, room number, title of seminar/ workshop

1.18a Any exhibitor or speaker wishing to include additional information about their therapy/ business/ seminar/ workshop in the programme, must purchase an advert in order to do so

1.18b The Organisers will make every reasonable effort to provide accurate sizings for the adverts in the programme, however, it is down to the purchaser to provide relevant material in the appropriate format and dimensions

1.18c Where the maximum characters have been exceeded, The Organisers reserve the right to adapt and/ or shorten the exhibitor/ speaker’s title and information, in order to meet the requirements of the programme

1.18d The Organisers are under no obligation to obtain information which the exhibitor/ speaker has failed to provide when filling in their Grenadine booking form

1.18e The information provided by the purchaser at the time of booking will be extracted for use in the programme exactly as it is (small spelling/ grammatical/ typing errors may be corrected)

1.18f Any bookings made within one month of the event may not be included in the programme, as we aim to finalise the programme at least 3 weeks before the event, if not sooner

1.18g The deadline for submitting materials and information for the programme will be 5pm on Monday 2nd September 

S2- Set Up Requirements


2.1 Power Outlets will not necessarily be easy to access on every stand so to ensure power access, exhibitors must pay a set-up fee when booking

2.2 Exhibitors are required to bring their own extension leads, which must be securely taped down behind their stand and within the immediate vicinity of the stand

2.3 Exhibitors are required to inform The Organisers prior to the event of the need for access to a power outlet

2.4 The Organisers will not accept liability for any accidents/ injuries caused to the public or other exhibitors as a result of any cables which have not been adequately taped down

2.5 All cables and electrical equipment must be in good condition and PAT tested in accordance with the venue’s health and safety regulations

2.6 Current PAT certificates for each piece of equipment used will be required and power may be refused if not provided

Signage And Equipment

2.7 All signage and equipment must fit within the stand space purchased

2.8 Roll up banners must be carefully placed so as to not obstruct the visibility of nearby stands

2.9 Adhesives and items such as drawing pins, velcro, sellotape, tack etc must not be used to attach posters to the walls of the building/ windows

2.10 In certain cases, white tack may be used but this must be approved by The Organisers before doing so

2.11 Exhibitors must inform The Organisers via the booking form whether they intend to bring a travel couch, as GLive require this information for the set-up specifications


2.12 Tables provided will either be:

  • 1x Large Table- 160cm x 80cm OR 183cm x 69cm
  • 2x Small Tables- 70cmx70cm

2.13 We have no control over the size of the table that GLive set up

2.14 If exhibitors have purchased a table ticket but will also need space for a travel couch, they will get just 1x Small Table 70cmx70cm

2.15 The table fee covers the rental costs incurred by GLive so if exhibitors have answered ‘Yes' to a table on the booking form but not purchased the Table Ticket, The Organisers will NOT provide one

2.16 The Organisers will not provide tablecloths- this is the responsibility of the exhibitor

2.17 There will NOTbe time to find tables on the day so thisMUST be booked and pre-arranged before the final set up specification is sent to GLive (usually 2 days before the event)

Leaflets/ Business Cards

2.18 Leaflets and cards/ other similar materials are only to be displayed on the exhibitor's stand

2.19 They must not be placed in other areas around the venue

2.20 We do not offer the opportunity to put leaflets/ cards into our Green People goody bags, as this is in conflict with our arrangement with GP

2.21 If exhibitors would like to advertise in the programme, there is the opportunity to book adverts via Grenadine

S3- Conduct

3 In the interest of ensuring that everyone has a good day, we must stress that there are certain types of behaviour which will not be tolerated by The Organisers; any exhibitors or speakers found to be engaging in any unreasonable or inappropriate conduct will have proportionate action taken against them

3.a Deliberate interference with another exhibitor/ speaker is entirely unacceptable, including:

- slander

- disrespectful regard for their business/ therapy

- sabotage

- verbal abuse

- violent confrontation

3.b Any issues which arise between exhibitors/ speakers MUST be resolved through The Organisers; exhibitors/ speakers are not to approach one another in confrontation

3.c In the instance that a speaker/ exhibitor engages in verbal abuse and harassment of staff or any persons responsible for the organisation of the event, they may be asked to leave; it is the right of The Organisers to enforce this

To discuss any of the terms and conditions mentioned above, or for any clarification, please contact us using the details provided below:

Wellness Day

01483 418 103

07377 901184