For those considering getting into dyeing, several easy-to-use products are available that don’t require special equipment or skills. Besides Tie Dye, what other techniques can you do with these products? Samples will be available for close inspection.
Download      Basic Dyeing  120 KB
Learning American Sign Language is an important community building tool. Deaf people have been part of fandom for years, and the best way to both support Deaf fan engagement, and Deaf creator engagement is to build bridges through language. This workshop intends to give you some of the basics, so that you can interact with fellow SFF fans and creators, and create a more welcoming Worldcon for all.
In a 2-hour workshop, author N. K. Jemisin will explore a method for macroworldbuilding (creating the physical world) and microworldbuilding (creating the people who will inhabit it). Audience members will actually create a shared world that they can use to build their own tales, later!"