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Kaja Foglio is a Seattle-based writer, artist and publisher. She majored in Fine Art at the University of Washington. For her final, she painted a cinder block orange, put it in a public place and refused to be embarrassed.

She was active in medieval dance, comedia d’ell arte, and theatre, appearing as Katherina, in Shakespeare’s The Taming of the Shrew.

She met Phil Foglio in 1990, introduced by her comic book dealer, who knew she collected Phil’s comics, and thus probably wouldn’t mind having dinner with him. That all worked out remarkably well. They were married in 1993.

Also in 1993, she began producing art for Wizard of the Coast’s Magic the Gathering. Over the years she would go on to produce art for any number of Collectible Trading Card Games, Including Shadowfist, Jihad, The Lord of the Rings, Legend of the Burning Sands, and XXXenophile. She also did illustrations for Marion Zimmer Bradley Magazine.

She founded Studio Foglio, LLC in 1993 as a venue for her Magic the Gathering art prints, but quickly expanded into publishing.

In 1998, she was selected to illustrate the World Fantasy Award winning author Barry Hughart’s The Chronicles of Master Li and Number Ten Ox.

She co-writes the comic series Girl Genius with her husband Phil which debuted in 2001, and is the chief graphic designer and web mistress for Studio Foglio and Airship Entertainment. In 2005, she masterminded their stunningly successful and unprecedented transition from traditional periodical to free webcomic. Counter-intuitively, despite the fact that they were now “giving their product away for free”, their sales tripled within the first year.

Girl Genius Volume 8: Agatha Heterodyne & the Chapel of Bones won the very first Hugo award for Best Graphic Story in 2009, and they went on to win in both 2010 (Agatha Heterodyne & the Heirs of the Storm) and 2011 (Agatha Heterodyne and the Guardian Muse).

Kaja, Phil and their two adorable children continue to live the ecotopia that is Seattle. She is interested in improbable Japanese harem romance mangas and is in the process of converting their home into an impregnable steampunk fortress. You can read Girl Genius comics online at www.girlgenius.net.

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Friday August 17, 2018

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