Peter N Glaskowsky

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Peter Glaskowsky is an architect with a stealth-mode chip startup in Silicon Valley. He is an experienced non-fiction editor and writer, having previously served as editor in chief of the computer-industry newsletter Microprocessor Report. He helped found, fund, and build the x86 CPU startup Montalvo Systems, worked as a senior architect at Intel and as a silicon strategist at Microsoft, has co-authored two books on space elevators, and holds 26 U.S. patents. He's a regular panelist at Norwescon, and has attended many Worldcons, but this is his first time as a Worldcon panelist. Currently he's 230,000 words into a first-person self-insertion time-travel alternate-history deus-ex-machina wish-fulfillment journal-style info-dump tuckerized political science-fiction mystery series, as yet unpublished. 

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Saturday August 18, 2018

1:00 PM
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