Mr. Walter H. Hunt

Librarian, Samuel Crocker Lawrence Library
Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts
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Walter H. Hunt is a science-fiction and historical-fiction writer. His first four books were set in the "Dark Wing" universe and dealt with the issues of alien contact and the ethics and morality of war; originally published by Tor, now available as Baen e-Books. He has also written a novel about the Templars (A Song In Stone), and two novels on mesmerism (Elements of Mind and the forthcoming Harmony In Light, from Wordfire Press.) He has written a novel in the Ring Of Fire universe (1636: The Cardinal Virtues) with Eric Flint, and is working on a novel in the Sundered America series, also with Eric Flint. He lives in Massachusetts with his wife, and is an active Freemason. He is the librarian for the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts.

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