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Dana MacDermott has been involved in Costuming for conventions since the early 1980’s when, working with her husband, Bruce, they created a four-breasted cat lady for the 1983 WesterCon in San Jose. They are best known for their aliens and other weird costumes and are proud of their reputation that no one knows what they might come up with next. Dana’s role in the team was design, costume crafts (“anything where you get grubby up to the armpits”) and hand work as well as collaboration on presentation.   

Dana has judged convention costuming on local, regional and international levels and is a frequent panel participant.  Bruce and Dana have received Best in Show awards at WorldCons and Costume-Cons.  

Dana has a strong background in theatre, with an MFA in Theater Arts Design. She did theatrical costume design, most recently working with Circus Spire (at Kinetic Arts Center) a San Francisco Bay Area young people’s circus until 2016. 

Active in the International Costumers’ Guild, both in local chapters and on organization level, Dana was one of the founders of the Silicon Web Costumers’ Guild, the ICG’s internet chapter.  

Bruce and Dana received the International Costumers’ Guild Lifetime Achievement Award in 2009.

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