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Susan R. Matthews has been living with protagonist Andrej Koscuisko of her Under Jurisdiction series for a very long time (in a manner of speaking).  Her wife Maggie is getting pretty tired of it, too, but he was there first (Susan and Maggie have only been married for thirty-eight years, after all). She’ll have a new Jurisdiction novel, Crimes Against Humanity, out later this year.

Her new shorter-format series, “Ghost Flotilla,” is about German World War II U-boats unmoored in time and space (think Battle of the Atlantic meets the Bermuda Triangle). Check out the first novella for free at to see what happens when a U-boat that went down in the Arctic Ocean in February of 1945 surfaces in Lake Superior sixty years later, to the considerable perplexity of everybody on board.

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Sunday August 19, 2018

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