Irma Slage

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Irma Slage has been a psychic medium for over 35 years. She does personal psychic readings at her house and on the phone remotely all over the world, clears houses of unwanted ghosts, and talks to the deceased, including pets She also does police work.

Irma has written three books including Phases of Life After Death, Written in Automatic Writing, Psychic Encounters, A Guide to Having Your Own Spirit Contact, and Ghostly Guide to England, With the spirits I Encountered. All of these books are written with the help of the spirits who contacted her and are available on, available in kindle or paperback.

Irma’s psychic work has been covered in many major newspapers and on television and radio. She has been featured on NBC television and led viewers on a psychic tour of the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose. She has given psychic impressions for ghost walks in different cities and has a video teaching how to do automatic writing.

She does workshops for past life regression hypnosis and hypnosis CD’s for all different reasons.

She lives in Livermore, California with her husband Ted.

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Friday August 17, 2018

1:00 PM
1:00 PM