Heather Stern

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Heather Stern has been fannish forever. Fandom and she only crossed paths when she turned 9 and a gaming shop pointed her dad at some conventions.

Following the distant strands of back-hall music, as in tales of following the Fae and the will-o-wisps away from the land of mortals, she discovered Filk and has been a filker ever since.

She has now been attending conventions for more than twenty years, having worked on conventions of different sizes and responsibility levels, including BayCon, Loscon, Equicon, Consonance, and others. She has held a staff position on a Worldcon and was a NASFiC division head. CopperCon 27 honored she & her sister together, as their Music GoH. Filk music and Computing have been her primary interests, but she's done a costume a few times, once a gamer always a gamer, and she is energetic in anything she endeavors to do.

In her professional endeavors, she worked her way through college as a tutor and advisor in basic and advanced math, computer usage, and computer sciences, then worked technical support at Peter Norton group, was involved in technical publications of a few sorts eventually including her husband's book on Linux Systems Administration.  After spending 12 years as an open source consultant she settled into a successful devops and engineering position at Cisco.

Her Star Trek chapter, the USS Augusta Ada, is sometimes described as "the 24th century's open source user group", and she serves as their Captain. She dreams of the future.

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Saturday August 18, 2018

2:00 PM
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