Alison Stern

Many which include Children's Programming, Art Show, Treasury, and Music Programming
Worldcons, BayCon, Loscon, Westercons, and a NASFiC
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Alison has been involved in fandom almost since she could remember. Her involvement in fandom has been through the Renaissance Faire, creating costumes, role-playing gaming, conventions, helping out at the masquerades, running convention departments (Children's Programming and Music, Art Show), helping with Registration, being a Gopher, and participating on panels. She has been at small cons like LaLa Con (relax-a-con) and large cons up to Worldcon. She has been collecting and buying artwork at Art Shows since she was at least 10 years old. Costuming for her started when she was 3 years old and her family needed to finish all the costumes for Faire and she is still at it. Her main involvement has been through children's programming and music. She has ran the music departments at Gallifreys and BayCons and in September of 2007 she was the Music Guest of Honor with her sister Heather for CopperCon and was recently the Chairman for BayCon 2016. She was helping to run the children's programmings at Loscon since she was 11 and starting running them when she was 16 before that just having fun within them. She has run children's programmings at small cons and large alike all with great success for both the kids and the parents. She likes to involve the kids in all the different areas of fandom. She hopes to have a lot of fun at the con and that so will the kids of the con as she is once again the children's programming manager.

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