YK Yoon

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YK Yoon is Vice Chair of the Korea SF Association and Secretary of the Asia SF Association. 

Awards include the Golden Bough in 2014 for “Love Monorail” and the Han, Nakwon SF Award for  “Three Kinds of Times” in 2016.

She is very interested and active in forming a SF community in the Asian region and has produced a science fiction sound track. She considers these extra-literary SF performances as an extension of her creative work.

Yoon has a wide spectrum of genres that she is interested in. Her works range from literature for teenagers, fine writing, romance for adults, to satire and socio-political fiction. Thematically her stories tend to focus on thought experiments in time and space. For example, in “Three Kinds of Times” she presents a sociological exploration of a place where time flows at different speeds; in “Love Monorail” she features an ideal time, uchronia.

As Jules Verne once did, she seeks to propose optimistic views of the future, hoping to provide a sort of blueprint to allow us to avoid disaster. Such as a novel inaugurates the genre of blockchain SF. In the world's first blockchain themed SF series, "The Five," an online country will declare its independence against offline giants.

https://amazingstoriesmag.com/2017/09/close-encounter-south-korean-kindsouth-korean-science-fiction/ https://amazingstoriesmag.com/2018/07/declaration-of-asia-sf-association/

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Friday August 17, 2018

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