Spring Schoenhuth

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Former resident of the “Center of the Universe” (Fremont, Seattle), Spring Schoenhuth has a fascination for all things geologic, particularly gemology, astronomy, and paleontology. Born and raised in Montana looking up at the “Big Sky”, she lived many years in Seattle, and taught in Washington, Montana, Hawaii, and China. Currently she teaches second grade in California, while concurrently working on really cool jewelry featuring ray guns, robots, and rockets of the golden age of SF as well as popular culture jewelry. She’s the owner of Springtime Creations, purveyor of exotic and science fiction jewelry, whose work has been seen in Star Trek: DS9™. She is the designer of the Campbell Award nominee pin and the Chesley Award winner pin and is a six-time Hugo Award Finalist for Best Fan Artist. Serving as the Western Regional Director of ASFA, she lives with her husband Dave Gallaher in Oakland, California.

Sessions in which Spring Schoenhuth participates

Saturday August 18, 2018

11:00 AM
11:00 AM