Shaun Frost

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Shaun Frost is originally from New Hampshire and is a retired U.S. Navy Hospital Corpsman, who served in 28 different countries, including on the Presidential Helicopter Team (HMX-1) under President Bill Clinton and as a United States Marine Corp field medic. Shaun is a graduate from the Stanford Physician Assistant program and has worked the past 14 years in ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) including 10 years at Stanford Cancer Center and now in private practice ENT in San Jose.  Shaun has been gaming for over 45 years and started with D&D. Now he does computer, family style, miniature, board, card and dice gaming across multiple genres including Fantasy, Sci-fi and Historical. Shaun is from San Jose and is married to a Labor and Delivery Nurse, has 4 kids and 2 grandchildren and he does various games with them all. Shaun enjoys Family time, Football, Camping, California Wines and Gaming.

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Friday August 17, 2018

5:00 PM
5:00 PM