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I've been a fan of science fiction and fantasy for all my life. I got into fandom about age 15 in clubs and then science fiction conventions. I loved literature, movies and TV. I taught myself special effects makeup as a hobby, and then turned it into a job at Weta Workshop on the Lord of the Rings Films. Then I moved into digital visual effects at Weta Digital where I've been since 2001.

On a fan level, I've been involved in New Zealand fandom from 1989 when I attended my first science fiction convention. And I've run National SF conventions in 1995, and 1999 and helped out with many others in various capacities. In around 2000 I helped initiate fan discussions about a national fan body to help with continuity between conventions and also to administer national awards. And in 2002 the Science Fiction and Fantasy Association of New Zealand (SFFANZ) was formed.

In 2004 I was honoured to be chosen as the DUFF delegate from Australasia to the US, where I attended Noreascon 4. I regularly attend WorldCons and GenCon in the US, because I like SF and roleplaying. And I LARP. A lot. I'm very proud of my professional and fan work, and am always delighted to talk with other people about the work.

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