Peter I-min Huang

Professor Emeritus
English Department, Tamkang University
Participates in 1 Session
Peter I-min Huang (黃逸民) is a Full Professor, English Department, Tamkang University. His areas of teaching and research are English Literature, Chinese Literature, ecofeminism, ecopoetry, postcolonial ecocriticism, queer theory, and GLBT studies. During his service as the chair of the English Department (2007-2011), he was the conference organizing chairperson for The Fourth Tamkang International Conference on Ecological Discourse (23-24 May, 2008) and The Fifth Tamkang International Conference on Ecological Discourse (17-18 December, 2010). Dr. Huang’s most recent publications include a book chapter in Literature and Ecofeminism: Intersectional and International Voices (edited by Douglas A.Vakoch and Sam Mickey); a journal article in Neohelicon, and a book chapter in Ecocriticism in Taiwan: Identity, Environment, and the Arts (edited by Chia-ju Chang and Scott Slovic). Dr. Huang also is the author of a monograph, Linda Hogan and Contemporary Taiwanese Writers: an Ecocritical Study of Indigeneities and Environment. Other publications by Dr. Huang include journal articles in Journal of Poyang Lake and CLCWeb: Comparative Literature and Culture and a book chapter in East Asian Ecocriticisms: A Critical Reader (edited by Simon C. Estok and Won-chung Kim).

Sessions in which Peter I-min Huang participates

Friday August 17, 2018

2:00 PM
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