Robin Gage

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Robin Gage has been doing cosplay since she was 6. Nearly 50 years. She can take a picture of a costume and easily duplicate it. Her cosplay started when she started participating in community parades with her 4 kids in costume. She won over 50 awards, including best entry for the Moonwalk parade in Sacramento. Robin's first con was 1988, Baycon 7. She also attended Timecon, Silicon and her first Worldcon was in 1993. Her job was handling all of the media. She also designed the opening graphic for Worldcon. She was producing and hosting her TV show "Take 2". From that show she produced 2 episodes while attending Worldcon. Her cosplay costumes have won several masquerades, Robin's favorite costume was duplicating Sarah and Jareth from the movie "Labyrinth", which took 2nd place. She also designed and made the costume for the book, "Jade Darcy" With the help of a costumer and a friend who did prosthetics. She took the Masters category at Baycon 7.

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Sunday August 19, 2018

3:00 PM
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