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Chris M. Barkley has been a sf fan since he was a child, a devoted reader of Marvel, DC and Charlton comics and watching television reruns of Superman, Batman, Outer Limits, Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and, of course, Star Trek.

He went to his first sf convention, Midwestcon 27, in the summer of 1976 and has gone on to attend several hundred local and regional conventions along with twenty-eight World Science Fiction Conventions. As a regular Worldcon volunteer, he could mostly be found either staffing or heading up the Press Office.

The Business Meeting once honored his increasingly frequent appearances by placing his name in a prominent position on the gathering’s BM Bingo Card.

More than half of his working life has been spent as a bookseller and a avid collector, working for the legendary Joseph Berth Booksellers and through various online marketplaces. A movie fan, he has a Facebook page expressly for his film reviews (A Movie A Day) and often boasted that he owns enough films on DVD and VHS to start his own movie channel.

Born in Cincinnati Ohio, he is a lifelong, die hard baseball fanatic.

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