Tehani Farr

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Tehani Farr is a british/mexican concept artist and graphic illustrator. She began her career in 2014 specializing in mixed media and traditional artworks set in realistic and post-apocalyptic science fiction and epic scenarios; her artwork is very much inspired by mysticism and dark fantasy.

Her work is a direct reflection of her very particular childhood influences, coming from a traditional but also eccentric multicultural family life, including continuous travels from one continent to another, home schooling, and plenty of literature. Her love for books, the arts, and imagination motivated her to become part in their creation, and so creating covers, designing characters and ideas, concept art, posters, etc. was a natural career choice.

Tehani has worked for numerous bands and known brands such as World of Warcraft, Puma, Sony Entertainment, Playboy, E Entertainment TV, & bands such as Kreator, Rata Blanca, and Triptykon.

She has attended cons and festivals, and presented exhibitions around the world: Germany, Mexico, England, USA, Switzerland, Spain, Tokyo, Colombia, Ecuador, and more.

Currently she is working for International Music Festivals, book covers, art for bands, whilst organizing a Illustration Tour from Latin America (Mexico) to Europe and Asia this year.

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Sunday August 19, 2018

4:00 PM
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