Robert Corvus

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Robert Corvus is a German fantasy and science fiction writer. After military service, he got a diploma in business computer science and worked as strategy consultant and project manager for strategic outsourcing.

Robert's debut, published 2005, is a vampire novel set in his home town, Cologne. He contributed four novels to the BattleTech franchise (military science fiction) and seven tie-in novels to The Dark Eye (Germany's leading fantasy role playing game). Since becoming a full time writer in 2013, he published 14 further novels, primarily in the dark fantasy genre, but also in science fiction. Together with best selling author Bernhard Hennen, Robert works on the Phileasson Saga, a fantasy series set for 12 volumes. 2 of these novels hit the German best selling lists. Robert also contributes to the world's largest science fiction series, Perry Rhodan, which he will present at the San Diego world con.

Robert hosts his own YouTube channel and runs workshops on writing. For latest new, you can check (in German language).

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Saturday August 18, 2018

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